Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Circle line tube trip - London

After being in London for the weekend, here are few screenprints I have produced from sketches of characters in the tube. I have hand printed into a concertina to create a small journey.

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Acting classes sketches

Part of this narrative project, I went to draw acting classes in their rehearsal for the performance they are working on. It was great to be there as a observer, recording what was happening and trying to catch some potential narratives. It wasn't that easy, but really enjoyable. I'm still working on the idea for this project. However I am really into doing a drawing documentary of events of everyday life. I'm looking for narratives into my daily journeys, I am the author of the stories that I record through drawings. 

Narrative workshop with Salvatore Rubbino

Here are few pictures of the concertina book I have made during a workshop with the illustrator Salvatore Rubbino. We were asked to create a narrative from our memory, which was great for me as I don't usually draw from memory but from observation. I found it great to work in a different way, I'm quite pleased with the outcome. The story I picked to illustrate is when I was a kid, back in Belgium when I went to the market near my village with my mother. The market had a big stand of animals, which I was fascinated by.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Stop motion workshop

Here are some screen shots of the stop motion I did in collaboration with Ben Springham. It is a short animation of an old man sitting on a bench eating nuts, suddenly a squirrel comes and steal his nuts before running away.

Model making workshop

Here is the outcome of the model making workshop!